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Surely you’d have to go straight to the source, right?As it turns out, there are actually a number of different places you can find stamps.There are some packages that can fit within the slots of a mailbox.As long as they fit, they have the correct amount of postage affixed to them and they are addressed properly, you can mail a package from a mailbox.

At Xanadu you will find informationes about the the newspaper strips, Mandrake in comic books, the creators, and more ...........

2 – Retail Stores The same can be said of retail department stores of course, and they provide yet another wonderful alternative to the post office when it comes to finding stamps.

Many stores will have self-service machines available near their ATM or customer service desk.

Once you get inside, there’s only one employee tending to everyone’s transactions, and there isn’t a single self-service machine for stamps in sight!

If postage stamps are all you need, it can really be a huge hassle having to go down to the post office to get them.

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This site is my way to bring the magical univers of Mandrake to old and new readers, and my humble hope is that this site can help the Mandrake strip keep on in the newspaper.

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