Thinkertoys online dating

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Thinkertoys online dating

A great deal of creative thinking involves combining previously unrelated ideas, goods, or services to create something new.acclimatize, adapt oneself, adapt, adjust, alter, amend, become accustomed, bend, change, conform, contextualize, copy, emulate, familiarize, find your feet, fit, get a feel for, get used to, incorporate, make suitable, match, modify, readjust, refashion, revise, rework, settle in, transform, vary Think of how you might be able to put your current idea to other uses, or think of what you could reuse from somewhere else in order to solve your own problem.Many times, an idea only becomes great when applied differently than first imagined.abuse, apply, avail yourself of, behave, benefit, bring into play, contextualize, deplete, draw on consume, employ, enjoy, exercise, exhaust, expend, exploit, get through, handle, luxuriate, make use of, manage, manipulate, mistreat, operate, reposition, source, spend, take advantage of, take pleasure in, tap, treat, use up, utilize, waste, wear out, work Think of what might happen if you eliminated or minimized parts of your idea. Through repeated trimming of ideas, objects, and processes, you can gradually narrow your challenge down to that part or function that is most important.abolish, control, curb, destroy, disregard, do away with, eradicate, exclude, excrete, expel, exterminate, get rid of, jettison, kill, lessen, limit, liquidate, lower, moderate, modulate, pass, play down, purge, reduce, reject, remove, restraint, restrict, shorten, simplify, temper, throw out, tone down, underemphasize, waste, wipe outadjourn, annul, back up, change the date, change, delay, drive backward, go backward, invalidate, invert, move backward, move, overturn, postpone, put off, quash, readjust, rearrange, relocate, render null and void, reorder, reorganize, repeal, reposition, reschedule, reshuffle, retreat, swap, switch, transpose, turn around, undo, withdraw There are many ways to use SCAMPER.It can be anything: a challenge in your personal life or business; or maybe a product, service or process you want to improve.After pinpointing the challenge, it’s then a matter of asking questions about it using the SCAMPER checklist to guide you.You will find below a comprehensive help guide to using SCAMPER.There are more than 60 questions that can be asked, along with almost 200 words and expressions you can create associations with.

Read more A mind blowing amount of E-waste is produced in the US every year, 50 million metric tons in fact!Consider, for instance, the problem "How can I increase sales in my business?" Following the SCAMPER recipe, here are a few questions you could ask: These questions force you to think differently about your problem and eventually come up with innovative solutions.Poland is one of those countries that doesn't always get the attention it deserves on the international stage - or so my Polish friends tell me!Which is why I thought I'd put the balance right, just for a day,… Just *look* at all those buttons, switches, levers, screens, gadgets, gizmos and tape decks on the Wait? That red square towards the bottom left sure looks like a tape deck to…

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SCAMPER is based on the notion that everything new is a modification of something that already exists.

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