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White European women date any race; but I have noticed that White women from anglo-saxon countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia) have differing attitudes. News of rapes dones by Indian men in India and abroad create a negative perception of how we treat women in general. White American women usually stick with their own white men; if they happen to date outside of their race it will be African-American / Latino, after that would be Arab and Asians....

Reasons Why White American Women DON'T Date Indian (Hindu / Sikh) Men: 1. Indian men are usually at the bottem of the totem pole of inter-racial dating. We are generally considered smart, intelligent and family oriented 2.

At the same time, nobody should feel the to need have sex with their partner when they find the experience uncomfortable and unpleasant. The trouble is that a partner may have a different take on this to you.

So wording it in a way that gets the message across but allows your partner to retain their dignity is probably the best way of dealing with what is really quite a common issue between partners. Where one of you may like to shower before work, bed and again after sex, the other might think that a quick wash of the vital areas every other day ticks all the boxes.

"Woman's place is in the home, but how much she will find there will depend entirely upon how much tradition or her own intelligence and insight have put there, and on the measure in which she spends herself in devotion to her children and to her husband." ----- William Gayley Simpson I forgot a couple more.... Younger generation, like me are different, but stereotype holds true -- Positives of Indian (Hindu / Sikh) men: 3. Thousands of years of generations worth of recessive genetics would all be lost in ONE generation if race mixing occurred. You take a bunch of criminally insane, psychopathic serial killers and have them inbreed for 300 years, and this is what you get.

Majority of Indian men refuse to join a gym and take care of our bodies.

He’s affectionate and caring and we’re really close.Or should you just get on with it and try to recapture the moment? After all, we all have our benchmarks as far as ‘clean’ is concerned.The occasional case of whiffy breath or unwashed armpit may not be a problem during the heat of passion.Equally, saying nothing can actually be quite damaging.If one partner is avoiding sex and not saying why, the other person may think there are deeper issues in the relationship.

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Some would say that passion overrules everything and it wouldn’t or shouldn’t matter what your partner smells like at all.