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It's shot almost clinically - no slow-motion or soft focus, no sensitive editing, no soundtrack music and certainly no well-timed fades to black.

They're shot persuasively, too - so much so that if it's nudity you're after, you'll find it, and if it's intimate behavior that verges on late-night Skinemax titillation, you'll find that, too.

Launched in 1972, HBO has been going steadily strong ever since, raking in award after award for best original television shows and miniseries and also grabbing the attention of major Hollywood actors along the way.

HBO series have featured some well-known actors and kickstarted the careers of other, lesser known actors.

According to the LA Times reviewer Mary Mc Namara, "It's boring": Oh, I know this sounds impossible since everyone's been talking about all the sex involved, including graphically portrayed masturbation and so much full frontal nudity that you feel positively European while watching it....

The sex is indeed graphic, though all very vanilla, and most of it occurs in early episodes, which makes it appear a bit calculated.

As of this writing, a single episode of is available on HBO Go but it’s a shame to not see all 31 episodes of this classic documentary series streaming on-demand.

It offers a fascinating and guilt-free view of the wide world of sex in the 1990s. The show starred Cohen as Ali G, a desperate-to-fit-in white correspondent who feels he has his finger on the pulse of the world’s youth (or “da yoof,” as he says).

It didn’t have a ton of name recognition in the main cast — other than Nick Kroll as the title character’s best friend — but respected comedians regularly popped up in guest roles, including Bob Odenkirk, Aziz Ansari, Bob Saget and Cheri Oteri.

Reviews are in for HBO's much-ballyhooed "Tell Me You Love Me", and they're extremely mixed.

The show is an intimate look at marriage, told through 4 couples, one each in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 60s.

The stories included tasteful interviews with shameless people and didn’t feature a host or any editorialization of the topics, allowing each subject to be treated with respect.

Memorable segments included an in-depth look at the making of realistic sex dolls, a profile of sexploitation filmmaker Doris Wishman and look inside a cunnilingus workshop.

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Yes, the cast is attractive, but the most powerful and beautiful moments occur when everyone has their clothes on.

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