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My hairfall got reduced to a considerable amount and i can see some new small hair strands also but they are not just on my head,also above my upper lips and face also.

I was thinking of discontinuing minoxidil as i learned it is the saviour and main villain for my condition.i am also having biotimik tablets twice a day. I would recommend all routine hemogram and biochemistry tests (Hemogram, LFT, KFT, B.

Although i was advised 2 use keraxl it made my hair sticky so i conveniently ignored it.On a daily basis take Tablet Shel Cal 500 mg, Tablet Pronanagen once a day and Tablet Novophane once a day (can take all after breakfast - do not take with milk).Stop the Minoxidil - it can be safely used in women as well at lower concentrations but can occasionally cause increased hair growth elsewhere as seems to be happening in your case.Oh well, but it’s not too late and I am very pleased with the results!“The Freedom Will Go To You Head” Cheesy tagline…but soooo true!

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I do have a slight case of dandruff for which i use myketo shampoo and noskurf. Also doctor,i am planning to have a full check up and tests. Sugar, Electrolytes, Urine R/M, Serum proteins), a repeat thyroid profile (T3, T4, TSH), Serum Calcium and most importantly Serum Vit D3.

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