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Angelo surmelis dating

She looked at me a couple of days after your video went up and told me that many of her friends were talking about you on social media, and none of them were okay. In some cultural and religious traditions it is still believed that a person who commits suicide will burn in hell. That means you were making fun and joking about 1 in 4 of your viewers. And because you failed in your responsibility, you do not deserve it. And outside of the suicide issue, you went and mocked another culture.

You see, 1 in 4 people struggles with mental health. This means the people who watch your videos and support you are somehow facing the issue of mental health, suicidal ideation and suicide. Surviving family members struggle with guilt and grief and shame and stigma. When you break trust, you have to work harder to regain it and maintain it. You boarded a plane and choose to make fun of and ridicule an entire people group and culture. You mocked those who live in or share a Japanese heritage.

Unfortunately, decades of alcohol abuse would affect him in ways that my family couldn’t predict.

Only ten years after he took his last drink, he was diagnosed with what doctors assumed was Alzheimer’s but turned out to be Lewy Body Dementia, a disease that shares many of the same symptoms.

His doctor concluded that alcoholism had a role in triggering this specific form of dementia. While writing Stolen Secrets, I struggled to create the character of my protagonist’s grandmother, Oma.

Case in point: Her violent reactions to dogs because she can no longer differentiate house pets from vicious attack animals owned by the Nazi’s in Bergen-Belsen.

As I discovered with Tom, not all personality changes brought on by the progression of dementia are categorically “bad.” What came out of his mouth could be surprisingly humorous at times.

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He was an EMS/First Responder and he suffered from PTSD, as many first responders do. Your video was the slap in his face, in his family’s face, in mine.

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